Data Types and Data Structures

  • What is the difference between a Data Type and a Data Structure?
  • Data structure is  the way to organize data types. Data types are just types of data.
  • What is an Array ( A type of data structure.
  • What is MySQL ( The language used to view or change data. Data manager.
  • A simple sorting Algorithm that is not efficient. It goes through the line untill the numbers are all lined up.
  • What is an Algorithm? It compare 2 item which stand side by side and swapping them if there wrong.
  • How does a person convert from Binary to Decimal? You must, show how you would convert 101101 in Binary to Decimal. You change it to base ten instead of base two. Instead make the base ten but keep the exponets the same with different base
  • What is Object Oriented Programming? Its when you tell an abstract object to do something or go somewhere
  •   Best Cookie ever!

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