• What is the difference between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi? Arduino is smaller and only does specific things. Raspberry Pi is much bigger and and works like a computer.
  • What is a function and what is a parameter? Give an example from one of your projects and identify what part is the function name and what parts are the parameters. A function is the word or numbers out side of brackets and the parameter a re the 1 and 2 numbers.
  • What is the difference among: int, float, bool, and char. What do each of them mean? An int means can use integers. Float means decimals and integers. Bool is a type of data. Char stores characters.
  • What is the difference between ”=” and ”==”? = mean equal to but == means to compare: yes/ no, or 0/1
  • Why do we use variables in programming? We can change the value unlike normal numbers.
  • Why do we use loops in programming? So we can repeat something until the time when you want it to stop.


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