Robot Arm

  • What was wrong with the Robot Arm? When you ran the program it would shake and the controls didn’t work like they were supposed to.
  • What did you do to fix it? We had to run it to see what was wrong then looked through to see the other errors.
  • What did the Robot Arm do? It turned and lowered down to pick up the objects.
  • What is the difference between when Eclipse uses a yellow line versus using a red line? Which one is an error and which one is a warning? Yellow means can become an error and red means it is already an error.
  • What is the difference between a LOGIC error and a COMPILE error. Which type of errors did the Robot Arm have? Compile error is when the program won’t run with the error and a logic error is when it will run but it does things you don’t want it to do.
  • Why do we use code libraries like the leJOS NXJ? So we can access and save better.
  • What is gamification? If it is actually a game.
  • How mad was Kevin, the mad scientist? Why was he mad? He was pretty mad because it was extremely hard to find the errors and there is no explanation of why someone is mad

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